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Synergistic Organizational Solutions WelcomesYou

Presidents and owners of small businesses face many challenges regarding employee relations. That's where Dr. Sandra Kay Neal and her company Synergistic Organizational Solutions can prove an invaluable asset. Dr. Neal's knowledge of the underlying dynamics of work organizations, based on years of training and experience, enable her to diagnose human resource problems quickly and effectively. She helps clear the way to more productive employees and management and in the long-run more profitability.

An industrial-organizational psychologist, Dr. Neal, owner of Synergistic Organizational Solutions, is best known for her columns in the North Central Business Journal.  For four years,  she advised small business owners in North Central Ohio about the many facets of running the employee relations side of their business. 

As you review this site, you, too, will find helpful hints about how to hire, fire and resolve issues regardinig absenteeism, conflict resolution, turnover and employee development. Check out her most recent column in North Central Business Journal under Latest Articles, her previous articles under Archived Articles; her suggestions on handling employees under People Pointers;  her research under Research; and the many workshop offerings she has provided under Workshops. 

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