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Welcome to SynergisticOrganizationalSolutions.com

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The Company History

In March 1998, Dr. Neal founded Synergistic Organizational Solutions as a full-service human resources consulting firm. Her company services small businesses, non-profit and governmental organizations in all aspects of human resource management and organizational development. 

Client firms range in size from five hundred employees to three employees, covering the full-spectrum of the manufacturing and service industries. Prior to starting her own company, Dr. Neal had 18 years of experience in consulting with organizations to maximize their profitability and productivity. 

In 2002, the company moved from Canton, Ohio to Centralia, Washington.  Also in 2002, Dr. John M. Turner was added as an associate in the company.  Dr. Turner has a Ph.D. in Business, with a specialization in Human Resource Management.  Dr. Turner is especially knowledgeable about employment laws, safety issues, government regulations and compliance concerns.


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