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Welcome to SynergisticOrganizationalSolutions.com

conflict resolution, employee conflict resolution, workplace conflict resolution


Synergistic Organizational Solutions Helps Resolve:

High Turnover
Low Morale
Unsuccessful Hiring
Problem Employees
Intracompany Conflicts
Workplace Violence

Dr. Neal also provides services such as:

Pre-Employment Testing
Job Analysis
Strategic Planning
Succession Planning
Performance Appraisal Assistance
Management Development Sessions
Organizational Change Counseling
Customized Training
Customized Workshops
Individual coaching in leadership/supervision
Individual coaching in anger management

What Synergistic Organizational Solutions' Clients Say:

"Sandy was great.  She listened carefully, responded swiftly, and most importantly, produced exactly what we asked for in a thoughtful, sensitive, and comprehensive fashion.  Sandy got to the heart of the issue and provided the input we needed."

Dr. Marc F. Stern,
Medical Director, Washington State Department of Corrections

“Addressing dissension is never easy. Dr. Neal has worked untiringly toward peaceful resolution of several issues in our organization. She’s used her expertise to keep us on track as we negotiate our differences.”

 Mary Kate Williams, Moderator
 Covenant Community United Church of Christ

“Dr. Sandra K. Neal’s workshops and consultations paved the way for more effective interoffice communication. She has the ability to solve problems we thought were not solvable. Her training programs focus on the “how” not just the “what”.

Betty Jo Jennings, President and CEO
CNC Metal, Inc.

“Dr. Neal helped us (the partners) address issues effectively. She facilitated change to improve our approach and allowed us to work from our strengths.”

Tom Moeglin, Co-owner
Copier Solutions

“I was so impressed with Dr. Neal’s ability to screen the candidates for accountant positions in my firm that I immediately recommended her to my clients and business associates. She screens candidates to fit my company’s unique needs and takes a major load off of my shoulders.”

Nancy Michel, CPA

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